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The way that we will use here is also known as Google Hack, because in this way is utilizing Google to be able to hack a particular site address. This method is actually the old ways are widely used. But, it is also quite effective and efficient in hack a website or a certain Internet account. This method can also be utilized for students wanted to find a specific reference in the Excel file format (.xls), Word (.doc), Adobe (pdf, psd, ai), and so forth. For ropes that you can see more on this below.

How to search for files

The first way you can do with Google Hack technique is to search for the file. If you use regular keywords on Google search pages, then surely you will not be able to find files easily. For that, you have to use a few extra special characters again in the search field. Let's say you want to search for important financial data files that typically use Microsoft Excel format, so you simply enter the following key words [filetype: xls site: za confidential]. You simply replace the section "za" which is the code of the website address of each country (for Indonesia please you use the "id"), and the file extension "xls" if you really want to find any file other than an excel file (txt, doc, pdf ).

Looking for login access

For this second way is that you can find access to get into the site. This method is usually used to make it easier to find the address of the link to log into the site. For in this way you can also use a special file that stores log data such as file excel or notepad. This technique is a technique Google Hack, because it uses the Google search page with the keyword [filetype: xls site: login ru]. Please you gantin "xls" with other file extensions such as "txt, doc or pdf".

How password

 This is usually the most sought after by hackers to get into a site or social media accounts. This way you can be addressed to a specific site or all sites in the country. The search code is [intitle: "index of 'site: za password]. Here, you can replace the word is "za" which is the site code for a country.

Want to pass registration

 Some websites are very protect the content that is in it, which requires visitors to register first in order to see the content in it. If you do not want to make the registration process to view such content, then you can do is to type the format of search [site: www.websitename.com inurl: database], [site: www.websitename.com inurl: directory], [site : www.websitename.com inurl: index], [site: www.websitename.com inurl: companies] in the Google search field. The word that you can change here is "websitename", you can change the address of the site you want to sign it.

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Hacker Safe Tips surf by Pretty, Parisa Tabriz.

Who is not familiar with Pariza Tabriz. Polish woman of Iranian descent who now works as one of the leaders in the technology giant Google is in hackers dubbed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. But he reluctantly called a hacker, he preferred to call himself a "security princess".

In order to celebrate Safer Internet Day which falls on February 7, 2017, Google sent Parisa Tabriz, to give tips on how to increase Internet safety for its users.

Parisa responsible for handling the product Chrome said, the Internet has become the need of all people for various purposes. So the important thing is how safe netizen use the Internet anywhere and anytime.

"Creating a secure internet entirely is our vision, not specific only to Chrome but all those who access the website, whether it's developers, businesses, and individuals," said Parisa via video conference at Google's Indonesia office.

He explained that, when connected to the Internet, whether from laptops, smartphones and tablets, we feel like talking directly with a web that is being accessed. We do not know, behind the connection there are many 'branches' potential exploited by certain parties.

"We feel safe. It was like the direct-connected. The truth, you must be connected to some of the points that are managed by third parties. On each occasion points out another person to conduct reconnaissance or interfere with your connectivity," said hacker's gorgeous
He revealed, Safe Browsing technology Google's own testing billions of URLs per day to determine a website is safe to visit or not. Every day, there are thousands of new sites were declared unsafe. Most are official websites hit by cyber attacks.

"When we detect an unsafe site, we'll display a message on the Google Search and on the web browser," said Parisa.

Here are 5 tips on Internet safety by Parisa most basic that should be remembered by Internet users:
1. Suspect free assistance or unsolicited
2. Do not reuse or share the same password for different accounts
3. Do not log in on a shared computer and verify your account security settings
4. Knowing all software or applications that are installed on your computer and phone
5. Make sure the program or application you are always updated

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Japan soon commercialize the technology Internet 5g

entering 2016 is certainly a lot of new things that are no exception in terms of technology. In 2016 there are a lot of innovations are found which will further enable people to do various jobs. If ever we need some tools to do the job, then with just one tool we can solve all our work quickly and precisely.
Latest Internet Technology Innovation of technology-Internet-5g-latest-in-japan

One of the technologies that we use today is the internet technology. Internet presence is vital for human life. Humans can complete a variety of activities simply by using the internet, such as sending emails, looking for references, get a variety of other information which would be useful in everyday life. Even for people who are busy can be entertained with the entertainment that is widely available on the internet. Therefore if the internet is becoming very familiar to the public. Not only for adults, even among young people also urgently need to use the internet although different due to the teen usually only used for socializing with his friends in the virtual world or just find out something they have not known before
The needs of the rapidly increasing internet is of concern to the producers. Responding to device manufacturers and telecommunications infrastructure from China ZTE has agreed to a partnership with telecommunications service provider Softbank to deploy a new technology that is pre-5G 2016 in Japan and the country will also be a commercial trial in early 2016. ZTE also claimed that pre-5G technology is a technology that can provide internet speeds faster and higher than the 4G network. 
Even the vice president of ZTE Li Cui also said that ZTE plans will also establish a research center as well as wireless technology development center in Japan, precisely in Tokyo at the end of 2015. ZTE also plans to provide devices and 4G LTE infrastructure. COMPANY already counting the 42 percent rise in net profit earned by the end of 2014. Even globally, the company has also invested some money that will be used as funds for research and also for mobile communication technology between 2015 to 2018.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is an organization separate from the United Nations in charge of organizing a global communications technology is going and what will happen. ITU has also been agreed that the definition of the maximum speed of the fifth generation of mobile internet will reach a maximum speed of 20 gigabits per second (Gbps). Therefore, ITU targeting that 5G technology has been applied on a large mat Olympics held in Pyeong Chang, Korea. At the moment, 5G internet for the first time in commercialized. Interest ZTE is utilizing its core technology 5G on commercial networks that already exist so that the public can enjoy how to use the internet at speeds of 5G and get a different experience with fast internet speeds.

Thus information about the latest technologies in 2016 that you can make for your information that awaits the latest breakthrough technology in 2016. However, it should be stressed that for 2016, the new commercial will do tests on pre-5G technology. Hopefully getting a pretty good response so 5G internet could soon be released and coming soon in front of us all

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In Hack, Email Content Former footballer David Beckham in Umbar To Public. What contents?

Mega former English soccer star, David Beckham has become a victim of digital crime by hackers ang Up When the singer has not been in the know where it came from. Published on Victoria's husband pressed BECAUSE IF contents of the email message contains broken embarrassing in public. So What Actually email contents From Former Manchester United footballer?

Hack, Email Content Former footballer David Beckham in order to read the General. What is the content?

Hacker in IB Times report, fill out the form to upload the email conversation BETWEEN co shown beckham Beckham Wants Very desperate to earn a degree while Sir David. To review the massive ACTIVITIES utilize to get humanity to revisit while Sir title Of United Kingdom. When his efforts met failure, Beckham grumpy.

In the email, Beckham also assess singer Katherine Jenkins deserved the title while OBE (Order of the British Empire) from the United Kingdom. The Reluctant to leave anyway if Beckham Money 1 million pounds for a review Events Unicef ​​And he asked Business Class aircraft of the UN agency for reviewing AN attend the event.

Then-Demand provides money worth USD 1 million AT Unicef ​​event in Shanghai, massive Nor willingly. "I Do not Want to send private money to review Singer. My money," said Beckham heart Accompanied by email The inanities.

The ACCEPT while Beckham OBE from the British title in 2003 and then stepped Failed Again BECAUSE get a degree while Sir IN 2013. He said the committee that gives the title while embarrassing.

Feeling cornered by email uploads itself to the public Backham react immediately reported the incident to the police to prevent more contents of the email that will be snapping. hacker reportedly also extorted a former footballer famous for its banana kick is valued at 1 million pounds, or around Rp 16.6 billion.

NOT BECAUSE cybercriminals Beckham to calm the contents of an email conversation ended Beckham Football snapping through leakage sites.

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ANONYMOUS Have New Hacking Attack Target! DONALD TRUMP!

After fighting the ISIS terrorism and Iceland for whale, Anonymous has now got one more enemy! Anonymous has recently declared war on entrepreneurs and US presidential candidate in 2016, Donald Trump. Anonymous was even crippling sites belonging to Trump, the Trump Tower NY. The reason, obviously because of his racist attitudes that prohibit Muslims from entry into the United States. This is what makes many people angry and Anonymous Have New Hacking Attack Target! Donald Trump!

Although known as a hacker group, Anonymous is always concerned about social and environmental issues. Missions attacks carried out by Anonymous is not just for the sake of sheer pleasure. Racist and radical attitudes towards Muslims Donald Trump is going too far. In the video, the rules prohibit Muslims from entry into the US will bring a huge impact. In fact, it is desirable ISIS. More and more Muslims are sad and angry with American, and thus more easily recruited by ISIS.

Although it has been hacked websites belonged to Donald Trump, Anonymous will not stop there. There will be a variety of other attacks to be launched by Anonymous against Donald Trump through his latest operation, #OpTrump. Even not no way they would disrupt the US presidential election next year through hacking. If you have any other info about Anonymous and Donald Trump.

Wow ... 5 Smartphone Coming With 6GB RAM

Smartphone with 6GB RAM may be merely wishful thinking. RAM is usually intended for devices with higher computing, such as a PC or laptop. But in 2016, a number of vendors have introduced smartphones fact flagship product with 6GB RAM support. First we look at five smartphones with 6GB RAM that is already on the market, namely:

Vivo Xplay 5 Elite
Vivo Xplay 5 Elite can be said as the first smartphone with 6GB RAM. Smartphones are the initial release in 2016 has been supported Snapdragon chipset 820 from Qualcomm.Smartphone has 5.43-inch landscape display with a curved screen design on both sides. For matters of shooting, this smartphone has a 16MP rear camera and a front camera of 8MP.
As for the battery, the smartphone uses a battery capacity of 3600 mAh and supported features fast charging. Vivo Xplay 5 Elite also has a fingerprint scanner placed at the back of the smartphone.

Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe
Smartphone Asus ZenFone third best in the series has 6GB of RAM and has used Snapdragon chipset 820. The smartphone has a 2.0 UFS storage space with a capacity of 256GB and support for microSD slot. To capture an image, Zenfone 3 Deluxe also features a 23MP rear camera and a front camera of 8MP. Not only that, Asus is also buried a fingerprint scanner and Google Daydream for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

OnePlus 3
Just as two smartphones already mentioned earlier, in addition seconded 6GB RAM, the smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon chipset 820. With a 5.5-inch landscape display, this smartphone has an internal memory of 64GB with no extra slot for microSD. In addition, there is a 16MP rear camera, LED flash and support for video recording with electronics 4K image stabilization (EIS) and the optical image stabilization (OIS). While at the front, OnePlus 3 has an 8MP camera.
Based smartphone operating system (OS) Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow already supports 4G LTE Cat.6, dual SIM, NFC, and a 3,000 mAh battery

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus
Actually, this smartphone series has two options namely 4GB and 6GB RAM. Both have pretty identical specifications. Only, for the 6GB version, Xiaomi pinning support 64GB of internal memory. Has a 5.7-inch screen, the smartphone is equipped with Snapdragon 821 chipset.
This device has two 13MP rear camera, each of which serves to capture color images and black-and-white. While the front camera Mi5S Plus 4MP resolution. To support the performance available battery capacity 3.800mAh

Coolpad Cool S1
Smartphone result of cooperation Leeco and this Coolpad into products with 6GB RAM that was introduced in late 2016. Cool S1 Snapdragon 821 chipset is supported by three internal memory options, namely 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

5.5-inch screen smartphone is already running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and has a 16MP main camera with PDAF, 4K recording, and a dual-LED flash. The front camera is 8MP smartphone.

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Make It Easy Steps to Securing Smartphones!

What comes to your mind Speaking of Security When Mobile device? Maybe you can install antivirus, checklists Verify Data encryption at OR Messages on the smartphone, and a number of other things.

before you do things for a review of securing smartphones differences, there is one thing fundamental fence What can be done. What is that? Both set the lock screen with password, pattern, or fingerprint.
Android Pit infotechdroid.com page as quoted on Monday (2/13/2017) Mentioned Still Many users do not protect their device WITH lock screen using a password, pattern, or fingerprint. That is, the home screen of their devices can be accessed only by rubbing the screen.

Indeed it makes it easy Singer And Accelerate when users want to check the device. However, the habit Also Have Security Risks High Enough.

The first is a visual Operates hacking. It Only Happens When singer can phone left in a place and found another orangutan. Could Be, Somebody will simply Opens phone only with a Touch Screen And also Open.

That person certainly can be read Messages are private banking or accessing applications on mobile phones. Well, with checklists Verify password, pattern or fingerprint security, you can minimize the risk of singer.

Also thus Currently Lost or stolen phones. When not Verifying Security checklists screen lock, the thief can using the phone to make calls or utilize the review of data Specific data.
Also there are other risks that orangutans using your smartphone for review using email accounts or social media to deceive the review orangutan Yang friends with you. In the United States it Quite Often Occur.

How to Set Security Lock Screen?
Well, the taxable income read some risks in the differences, you probably already realize how important checklists Start Verifying lock screen.

How to set it up was Pretty easy, because every Android smartphone equipped with several Security System lock screen, hearts singer The latest case is a fingerprint. If there is no cell phone features a fingerprint scanner, lock screen can be applied with a password or pattern Specific.

To access the lock screen, go to Settings on your Android device. Then go to the Security section (or there are some devices that directly brings Lock menu screen and password), go to the menu and you can set the type of security that fits both the security pattern, password, or fingerprint. In addition, you can also set how long the phone will be locked automatically after it has cured.

Other features that may be available on some smartphones is the ability to encrypt your phone and set up SIM card lock. You can also install Android Device Manager. Well, Android Device Manager allows you to lock, track, or delete data device that has been lost or stolen from a distance.