Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

ANONYMOUS Have New Hacking Attack Target! DONALD TRUMP!


After fighting the ISIS terrorism and Iceland for whale, Anonymous has now got one more enemy! Anonymous has recently declared war on entrepreneurs and US presidential candidate in 2016, Donald Trump. Anonymous was even crippling sites belonging to Trump, the Trump Tower NY. The reason, obviously because of his racist attitudes that prohibit Muslims from entry into the United States. This is what makes many people angry and Anonymous Have New Hacking Attack Target! Donald Trump!

Although known as a hacker group, Anonymous is always concerned about social and environmental issues. Missions attacks carried out by Anonymous is not just for the sake of sheer pleasure. Racist and radical attitudes towards Muslims Donald Trump is going too far. In the video, the rules prohibit Muslims from entry into the US will bring a huge impact. In fact, it is desirable ISIS. More and more Muslims are sad and angry with American, and thus more easily recruited by ISIS.

Although it has been hacked websites belonged to Donald Trump, Anonymous will not stop there. There will be a variety of other attacks to be launched by Anonymous against Donald Trump through his latest operation, #OpTrump. Even not no way they would disrupt the US presidential election next year through hacking. If you have any other info about Anonymous and Donald Trump.

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