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In Hack, Email Content Former footballer David Beckham in Umbar To Public. What contents?

Mega former English soccer star, David Beckham has become a victim of digital crime by hackers ang Up When the singer has not been in the know where it came from. Published on Victoria's husband pressed BECAUSE IF contents of the email message contains broken embarrassing in public. So What Actually email contents From Former Manchester United footballer?

Hack, Email Content Former footballer David Beckham in order to read the General. What is the content?

Hacker in IB Times report, fill out the form to upload the email conversation BETWEEN co shown beckham Beckham Wants Very desperate to earn a degree while Sir David. To review the massive ACTIVITIES utilize to get humanity to revisit while Sir title Of United Kingdom. When his efforts met failure, Beckham grumpy.

In the email, Beckham also assess singer Katherine Jenkins deserved the title while OBE (Order of the British Empire) from the United Kingdom. The Reluctant to leave anyway if Beckham Money 1 million pounds for a review Events Unicef ​​And he asked Business Class aircraft of the UN agency for reviewing AN attend the event.

Then-Demand provides money worth USD 1 million AT Unicef ​​event in Shanghai, massive Nor willingly. "I Do not Want to send private money to review Singer. My money," said Beckham heart Accompanied by email The inanities.

The ACCEPT while Beckham OBE from the British title in 2003 and then stepped Failed Again BECAUSE get a degree while Sir IN 2013. He said the committee that gives the title while embarrassing.

Feeling cornered by email uploads itself to the public Backham react immediately reported the incident to the police to prevent more contents of the email that will be snapping. hacker reportedly also extorted a former footballer famous for its banana kick is valued at 1 million pounds, or around Rp 16.6 billion.

NOT BECAUSE cybercriminals Beckham to calm the contents of an email conversation ended Beckham Football snapping through leakage sites.

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