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Japan soon commercialize the technology Internet 5g

entering 2016 is certainly a lot of new things that are no exception in terms of technology. In 2016 there are a lot of innovations are found which will further enable people to do various jobs. If ever we need some tools to do the job, then with just one tool we can solve all our work quickly and precisely.
Latest Internet Technology Innovation of technology-Internet-5g-latest-in-japan

One of the technologies that we use today is the internet technology. Internet presence is vital for human life. Humans can complete a variety of activities simply by using the internet, such as sending emails, looking for references, get a variety of other information which would be useful in everyday life. Even for people who are busy can be entertained with the entertainment that is widely available on the internet. Therefore if the internet is becoming very familiar to the public. Not only for adults, even among young people also urgently need to use the internet although different due to the teen usually only used for socializing with his friends in the virtual world or just find out something they have not known before
The needs of the rapidly increasing internet is of concern to the producers. Responding to device manufacturers and telecommunications infrastructure from China ZTE has agreed to a partnership with telecommunications service provider Softbank to deploy a new technology that is pre-5G 2016 in Japan and the country will also be a commercial trial in early 2016. ZTE also claimed that pre-5G technology is a technology that can provide internet speeds faster and higher than the 4G network. 
Even the vice president of ZTE Li Cui also said that ZTE plans will also establish a research center as well as wireless technology development center in Japan, precisely in Tokyo at the end of 2015. ZTE also plans to provide devices and 4G LTE infrastructure. COMPANY already counting the 42 percent rise in net profit earned by the end of 2014. Even globally, the company has also invested some money that will be used as funds for research and also for mobile communication technology between 2015 to 2018.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is an organization separate from the United Nations in charge of organizing a global communications technology is going and what will happen. ITU has also been agreed that the definition of the maximum speed of the fifth generation of mobile internet will reach a maximum speed of 20 gigabits per second (Gbps). Therefore, ITU targeting that 5G technology has been applied on a large mat Olympics held in Pyeong Chang, Korea. At the moment, 5G internet for the first time in commercialized. Interest ZTE is utilizing its core technology 5G on commercial networks that already exist so that the public can enjoy how to use the internet at speeds of 5G and get a different experience with fast internet speeds.

Thus information about the latest technologies in 2016 that you can make for your information that awaits the latest breakthrough technology in 2016. However, it should be stressed that for 2016, the new commercial will do tests on pre-5G technology. Hopefully getting a pretty good response so 5G internet could soon be released and coming soon in front of us all

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