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The way that we will use here is also known as Google Hack, because in this way is utilizing Google to be able to hack a particular site address. This method is actually the old ways are widely used. But, it is also quite effective and efficient in hack a website or a certain Internet account. This method can also be utilized for students wanted to find a specific reference in the Excel file format (.xls), Word (.doc), Adobe (pdf, psd, ai), and so forth. For ropes that you can see more on this below.

How to search for files

The first way you can do with Google Hack technique is to search for the file. If you use regular keywords on Google search pages, then surely you will not be able to find files easily. For that, you have to use a few extra special characters again in the search field. Let's say you want to search for important financial data files that typically use Microsoft Excel format, so you simply enter the following key words [filetype: xls site: za confidential]. You simply replace the section "za" which is the code of the website address of each country (for Indonesia please you use the "id"), and the file extension "xls" if you really want to find any file other than an excel file (txt, doc, pdf ).

Looking for login access

For this second way is that you can find access to get into the site. This method is usually used to make it easier to find the address of the link to log into the site. For in this way you can also use a special file that stores log data such as file excel or notepad. This technique is a technique Google Hack, because it uses the Google search page with the keyword [filetype: xls site: login ru]. Please you gantin "xls" with other file extensions such as "txt, doc or pdf".

How password

 This is usually the most sought after by hackers to get into a site or social media accounts. This way you can be addressed to a specific site or all sites in the country. The search code is [intitle: "index of 'site: za password]. Here, you can replace the word is "za" which is the site code for a country.

Want to pass registration

 Some websites are very protect the content that is in it, which requires visitors to register first in order to see the content in it. If you do not want to make the registration process to view such content, then you can do is to type the format of search [site: www.websitename.com inurl: database], [site: www.websitename.com inurl: directory], [site : www.websitename.com inurl: index], [site: www.websitename.com inurl: companies] in the Google search field. The word that you can change here is "websitename", you can change the address of the site you want to sign it.

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