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Hacker Safe Tips surf by Pretty, Parisa Tabriz.

Who is not familiar with Pariza Tabriz. Polish woman of Iranian descent who now works as one of the leaders in the technology giant Google is in hackers dubbed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. But he reluctantly called a hacker, he preferred to call himself a "security princess".

In order to celebrate Safer Internet Day which falls on February 7, 2017, Google sent Parisa Tabriz, to give tips on how to increase Internet safety for its users.

Parisa responsible for handling the product Chrome said, the Internet has become the need of all people for various purposes. So the important thing is how safe netizen use the Internet anywhere and anytime.

"Creating a secure internet entirely is our vision, not specific only to Chrome but all those who access the website, whether it's developers, businesses, and individuals," said Parisa via video conference at Google's Indonesia office.

He explained that, when connected to the Internet, whether from laptops, smartphones and tablets, we feel like talking directly with a web that is being accessed. We do not know, behind the connection there are many 'branches' potential exploited by certain parties.

"We feel safe. It was like the direct-connected. The truth, you must be connected to some of the points that are managed by third parties. On each occasion points out another person to conduct reconnaissance or interfere with your connectivity," said hacker's gorgeous
He revealed, Safe Browsing technology Google's own testing billions of URLs per day to determine a website is safe to visit or not. Every day, there are thousands of new sites were declared unsafe. Most are official websites hit by cyber attacks.

"When we detect an unsafe site, we'll display a message on the Google Search and on the web browser," said Parisa.

Here are 5 tips on Internet safety by Parisa most basic that should be remembered by Internet users:
1. Suspect free assistance or unsolicited
2. Do not reuse or share the same password for different accounts
3. Do not log in on a shared computer and verify your account security settings
4. Knowing all software or applications that are installed on your computer and phone
5. Make sure the program or application you are always updated

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